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Portable Steel Structure Hangars



Product details

The Advantage of Steel Structure Aircraft Hangar as follows 

1. Features: Fast and flexible to assemble, secure and safe, thermal and noise insulation, water proof and fire prevention; 

2. Cost-effective: Fast and easy installation greatly shorten the construction time which reduce the costs; 

3. Durability: The whole structrure is easy in maintenance, which can be used for more than 50 years. 

4. Perfect design: Perfect design completely avoids leaks and water seepage. Meanwhile, it"s also in line with the national level of fire prevention. 

5. Carrying capacity: Can resists the impact of strong wind and seismic performance and bears heavy snow loads.


1. Column: Q235, Q345 welding H section steel

2. Roof: Pipe truss roof

3. Purlin: Q235 C channel or Z channel

4. Knee brace: Q235 angle steel

5. Vertical and transversal support: Q235 angle steel, round bar or steel pipe.

6. Tie bar: Q235 steel pipe

7. Brace: Q235 round bar

8. Sleeve: Q235 steel pipe

9. Cladding system: Sandwich panels (EPS, PU, Fiber glass wool etc. ) or can use corrugated steel sheet with fiber glass wool insulation and steel wire gauze.

10. Partition wall: Sandwich panels (EPS, PU, Fiber glass wool etc. )

11: Skylight sheet

12. Door: Sandwich panel sliding door or folding door

13. Windows: Aluminum or PVC